MDS Norge AS er et norsk selskap som representerer store internasjonale konsern. Vi har produkt og bransjekunnskap, skaper relasjoner, og har norske, nordiske og internasjonale samarbeidspartnere.


The company

MDS Norge AS is a 100 % owned Norwegian Company (1994), based on the idea:

No single technology solves what the customers need!

An open system gives the user the freedom to choose, and the integration of several techologies the possibility to solve his needs.

Working together with serious suppliers, we give the customer the best possible solution.

 Marketing; Hardware, Software, support and supplies, based on long term customers relations.

The market

We are a group of people with more than 50 years of experience in Information Management Systems. After many years of working for international companies in competition with each other, we have joined forces.

The market

Banking, Insurance, Government, Hospitals, Computer Center and end-users, we have today more than 2000 customers in the Nordic countries.

The products

Magnetic-media, Optical, Scanning, Microfilm Systems COM/Source and Consult.

The vendors

Agfa, Anacomp, Bell+Howell, 3M, Dysan, InfoCD, Minox, MicroVue, Indus+++.







Org.nr.: NO 968831208MVA

webadresse: www.mdsnorge.no

Tlf.: +47 32268440, Fax: +47 32835003

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